Recreation of historic Physic Garden at Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh © David Rae

Aims and Objectives


The objectives of the Trust are:

  • to promote horticulture;
  • to promote the conservation of the physical and natural environment by promoting biological diversity through the application of horticultural techniques
  • to promote the creation, development, preservation and maintenance of gardens (preference will normally, but not exclusively, be given to gardens accessible to the public); and
  • the advancement of horticultural education.

Grants for projects

The Trust achieves its objectives by making grants to individuals, organisations and institutions carrying out projects of significance to:

  • horticulture;
  • gardening; or
  • botany with a strong horticultural element.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of typical projects.

  • restoring gardens of historic interest;
  • developing new gardens, or new garden areas within existing gardens, for public access and enjoyment;
  • exhibitions, book publications, research and educational programmes relating to horticulture;
  • expeditions and travel to study, collect and protect plants of scientific and horticultural value;
  • study-visits by horticulturists or botanists with strong horticultural links, and
  • gardeners’ training schemes run by appropriate organisations (but not to individuals, see Training and Traineeships).