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Types of Projects Supported

Examples of successful applications

New gardens or new garden developments:

  • Birmingham Botanical gardens – development of new Alpine garden area
  • St Mary’s Pleasance, Haddington – purchase of plants, edging, compost and equipment hire for new garden area
  • Glastonbury Abbey Medieval Garden Project – creation of medieval garden
  • Chawton House Library Herb Garden – creation of herb garden as a contribution to Jane Austen’s bicentenary year 2017
  • Isle of Man Cathedral Garden – espalier apple trees for new Abbey Garden

Images of new gardens or new garden development projects projects

Restoration of gardens:

  • Painshill Park – restoration of landscape adjacent to historic Crystal Grotto
  • Walmer Castle, Kent- restoration of pleasure Grounds
  • Winterbourne House and gardens – restoration of scree and alpine area
  • Mount Stuart, Bute – restoration of rock garden
  • St Cuthbert’s College, Durham – restoration of formal garden and parkland

Images of garden restoration projects

Buildings, greenhouses:

  • West Dean – restoration of historic glasshouses
  • Chelsea Physic Garden – restoration of Thomas Moore Cool fernery
  • Hawkwood College, Stroud – restoration of walled garden glasshouse
  • Cambo gardens, Fife – restoration of glasshouse in walled garden
  • Westonbirt Garden- restoration of historic glasshouses 

Images of the restoration of historic garden buildings or greenhouses

Plant study trips:

  • Plant study trip to Arunchal Pradesh
  • Expedition to Yunnan and Sichuan
  • Plant collecting trip to Vietnam
  • Westonbirt seed collecting trip to Italy
  • Fieldwork to Volvograd region of Russia

Images of plant study trips

Publications, exhibition materials:

  • Shades of Green by John Sales
  • Horniman Museum and Gardens – People and Prairie Garden interpretation
  • In the Footsteps of Joseph Dalton Hooker, A Sikkim Adventure by Seamus O’Brien
  • Strelitzias of the world: A historical and contemporary exploration by Himansu Baijnath & Patricia A. McCracken
  • Maud Grieve book by Claire Adele de Carla

Images of publications, interpretation or exhibition materials supported by the Trust

Research and plant conservation using horticultural techniques:

  • Bicton park – verification of conifer collection
  • Cycad pollen banking project, Nongnooch Tropical Botanical Garden and other partners
  • Taxonomy of the ginger genus Alpinia
  • Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust – historic garden research & recording, production of garden dossiers
  • Study of mortality of Prumnopitys andina in cultivation

Images of research and plant conservation projects