Recreation of historic physic garden, Holyroodhouse Palace, Edinburgh © Royal Collection Trust / Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2021. Photographer: David Cheskin.

Training and traineeships

The Trust supports horticultural training and traineeship schemes but does not give grants to individuals. Instead, the Trust provides grants, currently of £15,000 each to two training providers, usually heritage gardens, botanic gardens or a trust. The Director provides the Trustees with up to six traineeship options at the September meeting of the Trust for Trustees to select two for funding the following year (this is to allow the recipient garden time to advertise and select a trainee). 

The Trust does not solicit uninvited applications for these traineeships. Instead, the Director approaches appropriate organisations and asks them to apply (guidance will be provided). Training is only provided through these two traineeships, and therefore training projects are not supported through the twice-yearly grants scheme.