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Application procedure

The maximum you can apply for is £5,000.

To apply you need to send three documents:

  1. The Application Summary Sheet (to download the Application Summary see heading Application Form’.
  2. A project description that can also include plans, images and plant lists
  3. A recently audited statement of your organisation’s accounts (not required for individuals)

While there is no strict format, your application should include the following:

1. The Application Summary Sheet

This should contain:

  • your contact details including your name, e‑mail and telephone number
  • your organisation name (if applicable) 
  • your project title
  • a brief project summary

2. The Project Description

This should include:

  • a short introduction to your organisation’s or garden’s history, background and purpose (one or two paragraphs)
  • a description of your project. Please include:
    • why the project is necessary
    • its aims and objectives
    • how it will be undertaken
    • how it will be maintained into the future
    • you can support the description with plans, images, drawings, planting plans, plant species lists, or any other relevant information
  • the project personnel (if appropriate) which may include brief CVs of those involved
  • your project budget, showing:
    • an itemised schedule of proposed expenditure
    • finance received or expected from all sources, including (if any) from a parent body
    • a request from the Trust for a specific sum (grants range from a few hundred pounds to about £5k but are typically in the region of £3–£4k)
  • Your long-term plans for the future of the project once the grant has been used (if appropriate), for example how a garden project will be maintained once it is completed.

3. Recently audited statement of accounts*

If you are applying on behalf of an organisation or trust, please include:

  • Evidence of its financial viability such as a recently audited statement of accounts

* not required for individuals

Submitting your application

After completing the above, applications should be sent in electronic form to d.​rae@​rbge.​org.​uk. If this is not possible then hard copies should be sent to:

Dr David Rae
Director, Stanley Smith (UK) Horticultural Trust
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
20a Inverleith Row
Edinburgh EH3 5LR