Garden of Tranquility, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh © RBGE

Structure and size of report

Once the Trust has made a grant, the recipient should provide a report on its use to the Trust’s Director within six months or some other agreed period. If a large report has been prepared for a project that has secured funding from multiple sources then the SSHT will be content to receive a copy of that report. Where the SSHT was the main provider of funds then a dedicated report for the Trust should be prepared but it should be proportional in size to the amount of the award. As a guide, a report of 23 pages will be sufficient for grants of less than £1k, 35 pages for those in the region of £3k and a little longer for those in the region of £5k. Images of completed projects, for instance of before and after restorations, new garden areas, people in the field studying or collecting plants should be included where appropriate. In all cases a statement confirming that the grant has been used in accordance with its intended purpose should be included along with a breakdown of the final budget. One copy of a publication relevant to or arising from the use of a grant should also be sent to the Director (eg a book or scientific paper). Such publications should contain an acknowledgment of the grant made by the Trust. If in doubt, please consult the Director.